Meet Our Builders

Jim and Nunzie

Jim and Nunzie are the heart and soul of the Saginaw Sunset project. They will startle you with their passion for detail and quality.

Jim Guild Construction has been building and remodeling homes in the Bend, Oregon area for more than 30 years.

From the beginning of each new project at Saginaw Sunset to the moment the new home owners are handed the keys, Jim and Nunzie will be there to ensure that the quality of construction is up to their standards.

When Jim and Nunzie Guild met more than 30 years ago, they bonded over a passion for building green, sustainable, eco-conscious homes. Today, each Jim Guild home boasts superior craftsmanship.

Why? Because Jim and Nunzie:

Oversee each and every project. From finding the right fixtures to designing a space you can breathe in, Jim and Nunzie work directly with each buyer, down to the last detail.

Limit the number of homes they build. Any builder can come up with two or three elevations, lock down hundreds of plots of land, and assemble home after home, cookie-cutter style. By focusing on a limited number of projects, Jim and Nunzie can make each home truly unique.

Craft their own cabinets, doors and millwork. What sets a home apart? Artistry. Jim and Nunzie cut, shape and assemble cabinets, doors and millwork in their own shop, using earth-friendly and found materials.

Conserve natural resources. Throughout each Jim Guild home, you’ll find recycled, reclaimed and salvaged materials carefully shaped into artistic fixtures and features. From a cedar mantle made of wood from a forest fire to cabinet faces carved from abandoned construction scraps, nothing goes to waste. Jim and Nunzie are passionate about conservation and sustainability, active members of The Environmental Center of Central Oregon where Jim serves on the board of directors. They are also active advocates of The Bend Energy Challenge, where Bend is among the 50 finalist communities competing to win the $5 million Georgetown University Energy Prize.

Hire only the most skilled sub-contractors. For Jim and Nunzie, getting things right the first time is the only way to work. That’s why the pair hires only the most skilled local talent to insulate, install electrical and more.

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